Manufacturing is the heart of our business. We manufacture high-quality Polished diamond and Finished Jewellery.
We have a diverse range of Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery- Traditions, International Classic and Casual for consumers of all age groups, taste and budgets.
Our diamonds are characterized and graded according to the 4’C
1. Cut, which determines brilliance
2. Carat weight
3. Colour
4. Clarity

We manufacture diamonds ranging from 0.1 carats to 3.00 carats in all shapes and color(Round, Princess cut, Marquise, Pears, Tappers & Bugguets ). Furthermore, our diamonds are Certified in the leading laboratories Worldwide like ( GIA, HRD, IGI ).

Our Core Strength is ability of the artisans in cutting & polishing diamonds. Our Research and Development team also works hard to find out what customers around the globe are looking for, by conducting surveys in market segment and based on survey, our expert team introduces new designs in Diamond Jewellery.

We produce, develop, and sell high-quality Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery worldwide and help our customers to get the great value for money.
Our team also ensures that every order you place here is processed, checked and delivered on time.